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To the Jaguars’ players who think the fans are the problem, you’re wrong

Several players have made immature comments regarding Jaguars fans lately, and I’m here to address them.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I’m taking advantage of the platform I have to address the actions that several players on this Jacksonville Jaguars’ team have taken during the 2016 season.

To those players who seem to think it’s okay to criticize fans for booing at games, not showing up to games, saying “If you’re not with us, you’re against us”, you’re wrong, and you don’t deserve the spotlight you are being given.

On my count, four Jaguars players have called out fans on different occasions this year: Telvin Smith, Rashad Greene, Allen Robinson, and Malik Jackson.

Smith’s comments were in regards to the fans booing after the Jaguars vs. Ravens game. He posted a picture on Instagram after the game with the quote “Either you with us or against us!!!”, after saying that fans shouldn’t be booing if they are fans of the team.

Rashad Greene dropped a punt and fielded another on the one yard line during the Jaguars vs. Raiders game. Fans were mad, sure, and it led to criticism of his play, but from my observations, fans were much more upset about the final outcome over his bad play. However, his post-game tweet (which was deleted about ten minutes later) was all about him and all about calling out fans:

“Keep the negative comments to yourself please if you can’t do what we do then just stay silent”.

Stop being childish, Rashad. You sound whiny. This is a situation where you keep your mouth shut. I don’t enjoy ripping into players, but I can muff a punt too.

Allen Robinson came out and said "When you hear the atmosphere of when we step out on the field, when we go to punt or before halftime when Blake takes a knee and you hear the booing, it's kind of funny to me. It's funny that we get our best home-field advantage when we go to Wembley [Stadium]” after the Jaguars’ loss to the Raiders in regards to fans booing.

A blatant call-out of Jaguars fans in the team’s home city.

And then today, when on “Midday Chalk” on 1010XL radio, Malik Jackson said “[I] thought I saw more Oakland fans in our last home game. There might’ve been more Jags fans in the pool than cheering”.

Malik, you’re wrong. Open your eyes, there were much more Jaguars fans, we just decided to leave when the Jaguars were down 20-6 at halftime. We decided to leave when the team had laid an egg yet again. We pay money to see better performances.

The immaturity in all of these comments bewilders me. It just goes to show that there are deeper roots to the problems this team has, besides not winning games.

Here’s where I get personal. I’m 18 years old. I’m a senior in high school. I devote hours and hours of time into covering this team — Watching film, breaking down play, reporting and debating on Twitter, and defending this team week in and week out — because this team is my passion. And yet, this is what the players think of me.

I’m 18 years old. I’m a senior in high school. I have to work 20+ hours a week to save for college, which I plan on attending in Orlando next year to study journalism, as well as buy my own car, help my family when they need it, and still try to keep some money in my account for personal stuff. However, I spend a LOT of that money on tickets, shirts, hats, and much more stuff that relates to this team. And yet, this is what the players think of me.

2016 was my first and last year buying season tickets. I won’t do it again until this team earns it from me again.

I spend most of my life investing my time and money into the Jacksonville Jaguars, and in return, I, as well as all Jaguars fans, are viewed as bad fans in the eyes of these four players, as well as many more behind closed doors, most likely.

Clean up your act, Telvin, Rashad, Allen and Malik. You guys don’t like how the fans are acting now? Booing and leaving games, which is OUR right as we have invested in you guys, bothers you so much that you resolves to shaming us? Well, have fun getting booed more.

The fans are tired, and you’re all adding fuel to the fire.


Zach Goodall