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Polls: Jaguars fans want Tom Coughlin back

Two different polls conducted on Twitter show that Jaguars fans may want Tom Coughlin back in some capacity.

NFL: New York Giants-Press Conference Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

After some discussion popped up this week about a possible Tom Coughlin/Jaguars reunion (you can read more about that here), I decided to take to Twitter and get an idea of how Jaguars fans would receive this move. Beyond seeing how Jags fans felt about Coughlin returning in general, I also wanted to see what role they would envision him in. Here are the results of that poll.

As you can see, 130 people voted in the poll, with 92% of them wanting their former head coach to return to Jacksonville in come capacity. Throughout the 24 hours the poll ran, the head coach and advisor options ran neck and neck, with head coach pulling out the majority in the end.

Now, I happen to think that 130 people is a good, but not great, number of people to survey. But hey, that’s what I’m able to do with my limited Twitter followers. Luckily, the official Big Cat Country handle also ran a similar poll, which had a much larger response. Here are the results of that poll.

This poll got nearly ten times as many voters as my original poll, so it helps give a more accurate assessment. As shown above, the majority of voters wanted Coughlin back in some regard, with only 14% of people taking a pass on him all together. The majority winner in this poll was for a role in the front office or operations department, narrowly beating out the option for head coach by 2%.

Obviously, the Jaguars fan base is much larger than approximately 1,200 people, but I think these two polls show that the majority of Jags fans would welcome back Tom Coughlin with open arms, at least in some capacity. What do you think? Should a Coughlin and Jaguars reunion be in the works? Discuss your thoughts, including which position you would like to have him in if you want him back, in the comments below!