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Jalen Ramsey facing biggest test of his rookie season in DeAndre Hopkins

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

As the Jacksonville Jaguars are set to face the Houston Texans on Sunday in an AFC South battle, an interesting matchup to watch will be Houston wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins against Jaguars rookie cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Hopkins, while having a disappointing season numbers-wise, will be Ramsey’s toughest assignment so far in his impressive rookie season. Ramsey has already faced the likes of Randall Cobb, Steve Smith, Amari Cooper and Alshon Jeffery, but Hopkins will undoubtedly be his biggest test so far in his young career.

Ramsey hasn’t been one to shy away from talking about how good he is and his desire to shadow the opposing team’s best receiver, which is something it sounds like Hopkins respects.

“I love that,” Hopkins said in a conference call with some local Jacksonville media. “That means that guy thinks he can do a better job and help his team win than I can. So I take that personal honestly when a guy follows me around, but I love it.”

Ramsey’s biggest struggle this year was in the first half against the Chicago Bears, matching up with Jeffery. Jeffery was able to match up with Ramsey size-wise and you could tell the rookie struggled with someone who could be as physical as him running routes and making catches. Ramsey adjust in the second half of that game however, and ended up sealing the win with a pass breakup. In Hopkins, Ramsey will be facing one of the best and more complete receivers in the NFL. Hopkins has the size and speed that could give Ramsey fits if he’s not on his game.