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Keep Choppin' Wood: Episode 23 - Coughlin hired, Caldwell fired, and more

Every week, the Big Cat Country team hosts the "Keep Choppin' Wood" podcast to talk all things Jacksonville Jaguars.

This week, we talk with @AlfieBCC, editor-in-chief of and preview the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans game, talk about potential replacements for Gus Bradley, give positives and negatives for hiring Todd Haley or Tom Coughlin, debate whether the Jaguars are fun bad or miserable bad, and more.

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"Keep Choppin' Wood" is a (hopefully) twice-a-week podcast about all things Jacksonville Jaguars -- the good, the bad, the ugly, and the hanxed it. @zach_goodall hosts the postgame rapid reactions and @BeauxJaxson is your host alongside @HankJoness for the midweek previews.