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Jaguars fans sick and tired of their God awful team

Jaguars players don’t want to get booed when they play poorly? Then there will be no one there to boo.

Jacksonville Jaguars players don’t like it when fans boo their fumbles, dropped touchdowns, and missed sacks. It hurts their feelings and makes them long for playing in London (or something).

Allen Robinson, Rashad Greene, Allen Hurns, and Malik Jackson are the players who come to mind as those who have been most vocal. “Don’t boo us,” they’d say.

Fans have seemingly taken it one step further.

Just before kickoff against the Houston Texans, it looks like long-suffering Jaguars fans have responded with, “You don’t want to hear us boo? Then we won’t be at the game.”

And as I write this, Blake Bortles has thrown a pick-six interception on the opening drive. That’s probably the fault of the fans too, huh?