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Jaguars now guaranteed to not have a winning season

The Jaguars have not had a winning season since 2007. That won't change this year.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost their fifth straight game today, dropping them to an overall record of 2-8 on the season, meaning the best they can finish is 8-8(lol yeah right). That means that the Jags will, once again, not finish with a winning record. The last time they had one was 2007, so it will be at least a decade for Jacksonville being unable to shatter the .500 glass ceiling.

This is such a disappointing result for the Jags, who were supposed to finally get back on track this year. After going 4-12, 3-13, and 5-11 in their first three seasons under Gus Bradley and Dave Caldwell, many people thought this would finally be the year the Jaguars were legitimately competitive, and could possibly even win the AFC South.

Instead, the more likely result is that they will finish with a worse record than last year. Some aspects of the team are improved, but there are some that have seen major regressions. The quarterback play for Jacksonville right now is abysmal. They still have too many turnovers as a team. They still have dumbass penalties, like the one by Sen’Derrick Marks today. The result is a bad team that finds new ways to lose every week.

So say goodbye to a winning record, because it definitely won't be happening this year.