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Sammy Watkins expected to play vs. Jaguars

After returning from IR, Sammy Watkins is expected to play Sunday.

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are set to take on the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, and the matchup just got tougher for the Jags. After spending almost two months on injured reserve with a foot injury, Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins has returned to the active roster, and he is expected to play on Sunday.

This will only make things harder for Jacksonville, who is already staring at an uphill climb. The Jaguars are seven point underdogs, and are playing in a very tough environment in Buffalo. The Jags managed to barely squeak out a win against the Bills last year in London, but this will be a much taller order to fulfill. Obviously Jacksonville just doesnt have a very good team right now, but more important than that, the Bills team they faced last year was riddled with injuries. Stopping Tyrod Taylor is a lot more challenging than stopping EJ Manuel.

Sammy Watkins also missed the game last season, so his return will only add to the issues the Jags will have to deal with. Jacksonville will no doubt try to counter Watkins’ return with a healthy dose of Jalen Ramsey, as the rookie is having a strong first year, despite the team not being very good.

Stopping Watkins and the Bills offense won't be the biggest challenge for the Jaguars, as their offensive ineptitude has been their biggest undoing this year; however, Watkins returning certainly won't make things any easier for the defensive side of the ball.