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Jaguars vs. Bills final score: Jacksonville bumbles its way to 28-21 loss

The Jaguars fell short yet again, losing to the Bills by a score of 28-21. They are 2-9 on the season.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars went into their game this week against the Buffalo Bills hoping to play spoiler to their playoff chances, and get in a win in the books for the first time in five weeks.

*chokes on laughter*

The Jaguars did the impossible on their first drive of the game, as they scored a touchdown on the opening drive of the game, something that had not been done since Week 2 of 2015. A Chris Ivory run capped off the drive, as the Jaguars took a 7-0 lead to begin the game.

In the next eight consecutive drives, both the Bills and Jaguars traded punts four times each. In these drives included 2 three and outs by the Jaguars defense, and a couple of muffed punts by Rashad Greene, who was taken out of his role of returning punts afterward.

The Bills were finally able to break through after some terrible coaching decisions by Gus Bradley late in the first half. With a fourth consecutive punt, Brad Nortman launched it 49 yards, and the Bills were called for running into the kicker, a 5 yard penalty with a choice to either re-kick or not. Bradley chose to re-kick it, as he sent a tired punt team back out on the field, who allowed once again another big punt return, this one a 43-yard return by Brandon Tate.

Then, the Jaguars stopped the Bills on a third and 2, with a great play by Prince Amukamara to put a heck of a hit on Walt Powell to stop him a yard shy of the first down. Bradley then took a timeout, thinking to try and save clock. However, Rex Ryan was originally going to trot his kicking unit out there, but then decided against it, going for it and gaining six yards on fourth-and-1.

The Bills would follow that play with a seven-yard option run by LeSean McCoy, putting the Bills on the board. Dan Carpenter would miss the extra point however, putting the score at 7-6.

With a lead at halftime, things were seemingly going good for the Jaguars. Well, they didn't start off the second half the way they wanted, as LeSean McCoy busted a 75 yard touchdown run on the first play of the half, as both Jalen Ramsey and Tashaun Gipson took bad angles on the play, allowing the huge hole. Carpenter wouldn't miss this time, as the Bills took the lead 13-7.

The Jaguars responded accordingly with a 11-play, 65 yard drive which included three third down conversions, including a 20 yard touchdown pass from Bortles to Marqise Lee. With one of their better drives of the year, the Jaguars took the lead 14-13.

The Bills responded quickly though, as the following drive Tyrod Taylor threw a dime of a pass for 62 yards to Sammy Watkins, setting them up in the red-zone. On third-and-2 on the Jaguars 2, it looked as if the Jaguars had Tyrod Taylor for a sack. He used his speed and excellent awareness to escape the pocket, make a few guys miss, and run into the end-zone for a seven-yard touchdown to give the Bills a 20-14 lead.

Once again, the Jaguars responded in a good fashion, driving down the field on 7 plays, including a couple of nifty runs by Bortles. Allen Hurns would score on a screen play, then dive into the end-zone, giving the Jaguars a 21-20 lead to start the fourth quarter.

In a back and forth fashion, the Bills responded with a touchdown again, this time on a 8 play, 76 yard drive capped off by a jump ball throw to Justin Hunter to give the Bills a 28-21 lead, with a successful two-point conversion.

With 6:44 left in the fourth quarter, the Jaguars hoped to drive down the field and tie the game. They were unable to do so however, as a delay of game penalty on a third-and-4 on their final drive set them back. Bortles then threw short of the sticks to Marqise Lee, who had no chance to make the first down. This would turn out to be the Jaguars last opportunity, as the Bills would get two first downs on their next drive to run out the clock.

But the Jaguars fell short yet again, losing to the Bills by a score of 28-21. They are 2-9 on the season.