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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Punt returns have become negative reactions to positive results

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Punt returns have become negative reactions to positive results for Jacksonville Jaguars -
The entire purpose of a punt returner is to get the ball back to the offense. Adding yards to the return is beneficial, but capitalizing on a change of possession is the key aspect of the job. Fair catching the ball isn't exciting, but sometimes it's the best choice when fielding a punt return. Sometimes, letting the ball bounce is the more desired move. As long as the ball gets back to the offense, the returner has done the essential requirement of his job.

The Jacksonville Jaguars didn’t lose because of the officials -
The Jacksonville Jaguars guaranteed they’d have a losing season for the sixth year in a row in Sunday’s 28-21 loss to the Buffalo Bills, falling to 2-9 on the season. During and after Sunday’s game, fans were white hot about the poor officiating in the game and feeling it’s what cost the Jaguars potentially their third win of the season. There was a fumble by LeSean McCoy that was too hastily ruled that his forward progress was stopped, thus making it unreviewable. There were a few missed pass interference calls on Allen Robinson and Neal Sterling.

Gus Bradley regrets not calling timeout vs. Buffalo Bills -
The Jacksonville Jaguars have gotten plays off as the play clock expired numerous times, which is why coach Gus Bradley didn’t call a timeout before a critical fourth down late in their loss against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.