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Jaguars Daily: Passing game film breakdown

Our partners over at Field Gulls Film room break down the film to reveal the issues with the Jaguars' passing game & an amazing video about why the entire world should feel sorry for the Jags.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Film Room: Blame both Blake Bortles and Allen Robinson for lack of production:

Through seven games, Bortles has targeted Robinson a team-high of 70 times. That puts Robinson in line with the receiver volumes of New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons. Both of these receivers have close to double the number of yards receiving as Robinson, however.

This video makes me feel sorry for the Jaguars:

This video about the Jaguars reminds me of one of those sad dog adoption videos. Sarah McMachlan music and all. It's touching, really. Now I just feel bad for the Jaguars. Like, can't they catch a break? The NFL is a cruel business.

Nick Foles to start for Chiefs against Jaguars with Alex Smith stuck in protocol:

Foles, acquired in August, played in his first game for the Chiefs in Week 8. With Alex Smith still dealing with the effects of the apparent head injury he sustained during the Chiefs' win over the Colts this past Sunday, it'll be Foles who starts under center against the Jaguars this week. If Foles were to leave the game with an injury, Tyler Bray would step in.