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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Blake Bortles rips officials after Bills loss

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Bortles rips officials after Jacksonville Jaguars loss to Buffalo Bills -
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles criticized the officiating following his team's 28-21 loss to the Buffalo Bills at New Era Stadium on Sunday. Bortles was upset that there was not a pass interference penalty called on a third-down pass to Allen Robinson on the Jaguars' final drive.

Gus Bradley doesn’t remember calling pivotal timeout -
Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley made a lot of questionable calls on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. He opted to re-kick a punt that resulted in a long return, he decided against using a timeout on the game-tying drive, and he called a timeout late in the first half that allowed Rex Ryan the time he needed to bring his field goal unit back onto the sidelines and run it down our throats for a touchdown instead of a field goal try. Understandably, the media had some questions for Gus after the game. But when asked about the timeout, Gus looked like he was giving a book report on a book he'd never read with a blank sheet of paper in his hands.

“I take responsibility” -
A day later, Gus Bradley took responsibility. When discussing a costly delay-of-game penalty against the offense late in a 28-21 loss to the Buffalo Bills Sunday, the Jaguars’ head coach said he should have called for a timeout in the situation. The delay-of-game penalty turned fourth-and-4 from the Bills 40 into fourth-and-9 from the 45.

“I should have called a timeout,” Bradley said Monday.