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7 observations from the Jaguars 19-14 loss to the Chiefs

The Jaguars may have played better than the Chiefs today, but they weren't the better team, and they definitely didn't play like the more disciplined team.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Jaguars gifted the Chiefs this game

The Jaguars may have played better than the Chiefs today, but they weren't the better team, and they definitely didn't play like the more disciplined team. They seem to find new ways to lose every week, and this game was a prime example of that. The Jaguars shot themselves in the foot this game, the Chiefs didn't beat them.

The Jaguars gifted the chiefs four turnovers, all which could have been avoided. Bryant Walters, is supposed to be sure handed, fumbled a punt return. T.J. Yeldon fumbled a screen pass that could have been a first down on 3rd and 17. Blake Bortles threw and interception right at a Chiefs linebacker. Oh, and Chris Ivory fumbled at the one inch line, a score that could have helped the Jaguars win this game. 13 of the Chief' 19 points came off Jaguars turnovers, all which put them deep into Jaguars territory for easy scores.

The Jaguars had 25 first downs to the Chiefs' 10. They outgained them by 218 yards. They outgained them on the ground 205 to 62 yards. Heck, they only committed five penalties the entire game. Yet, this team just doesn't know how to win. They shot themselves in the foot over and over, till they could barely walk anymore.

And they held the Chiefs to 1-14 on third downs. The defense did everything they could to win the game for the Jaguars. The Chiefs had their back up quarterback, third string running back, and were without their best receiver for pretty much the whole game. Even decent teams win this type of game, thing is, the Jaguars aren't even close to a decent team.

2. The Jaguars finally got their running game going

For the first time all season, it looked like the offensive line was getting push, and opening up holes for the running backs. Chris Ivory ran with aggression, especially on his 42-yard run in which he used the truck stick on Chiefs safety Ron Parker. Hackett mixed up the play calling a little bit, and stayed committed to the run game as it was effective most of the game. The Chiefs defense is pretty banged up though, so I don't know how telling this actually is.

I am more likely to lean toward the results of the first seven games of the season than just based off one, but it was a nice sign that the run game finally got going, and allowed the offense to rely less on Blake Bortles.

3. Overall, I thought Hackett did a good job with the play-calling

When a coordinator is fired, there seems to always be a bounce back game by either side of the ball that is effected, as it sends a jolt through the whole unit. While Bortles struggled early, I thought the play designs were good, especially in the run game. Sometimes mixing it up can be a good thing when a team is struggling, and it seemed to help for at least one week for the Jaguars. Can this continue? That us the real question. If Hackett can get this offense going, it may help save Bortles career, and also make the Jaguars a more attractive option for head coaching candidates.

4. The defense continues to struggle to force turnovers

With only five forced turnovers on the year, the Jaguars defense continues to struggle with forcing turnovers under Gus Bradley. They didn't help their cause today, with a botched interception that Prince Amukamara could have caught, but Tashaun Gipson ran into him, forcing him to drop it.

With a turnover-prone offense, it is vital the Jaguars defense is aggressive and looks to take the ball. That is why they signed Tashaun Gipson, and why they drafted Jalen Ramsey. Five turnovers in eight games simply is not enough, especially with some of the inept offenses they have faced this season.

5. Jeremy Parnell got worked all game by Dee Ford

Once upon a time Dee Ford was someone many at this website wanted in a Jaguars uniform. Today, however, he was giving Parnell nightmares all day. Ford's quickness seemed to much for Parnell, who gave up way to many pressures, including two sacks to Dee Ford. Parnell was fine last year, but this year he has seemed to taken a step back, especially in the running game. With zero guaranteed money on his contact next offseason, I wouldn't be surprised if the Jaguars let him go. He was a decent plug in option when the Jaguars had terrible production there, but Parnell is part of the Jaguars big offensive line problems now.

6. Is Marqise Lee the most reliable player on offense?

Lee has strung together several good games in the last few weeks, and is showing the explosiveness that made him a 1st round talent in some peoples eyes in the 2014 draft. With Allen Robinson having drop problems, and some effort problems has well, along with Hurns getting blasted once a game it seems, Lee has bene the one constant in the Jaguars offensive success.

We may have given up on Lee too quickly the last two seasons, as his injuries obviously were frustrating. The talent has always been there, now we are starting to see some consistency. If he can continue this for the final 8 games, it gives the Jaguars a good problem to think about long term at the receiver position.

7. Will Bortles get benched this season?

Every week it seems there are three or four Bortles throws that leave you scratching your head. While his throwing motion is indeed a problem, his accuracy and decision-making have been the two main reasons he has struggled so much this season.

Look, I am definitely not the biggest Chad Henne fan, but at some point when a player is struggling that bad, you have to send a message. If it were any other position, nobody would question the decision. And benching him doesn't mean for the season, it can only be for one game. When you are a coaching staff that is hanging on to their jobs by a hair, you can be forced to make decisions that helps you win the game in front of you, because each win becomes so valuable. Bortles has another eight games to prove the Jaguars shouldn't bring any completion in to compete with him next year, and he better hope the quarterbacks coach who he flew in can work some magic on him, along with new offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.