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Airing the dirty laundry: Week 9

Examining the Jaguars penalties against the Chiefs in week 9.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars did not come away with the result they wanted in Kansas City on Sunday, but they were able to improve in some areas. One thing that has plagued the Jaguars all season long is racking up penalties. Against the Chiefs, however, the Jags had their lowest amount of penalties on the year with only six.

Here is the full breakdown of their penalties in week 9, courtesy of

  • Offensive Holding - Arthur Brown - 8 yards
  • Neutral Zone Infraction - Sen’Derrick Marks - 5 yards
  • Unnecessary Roughness - Blake Bortles - 13 yards
  • Offensive Holding - Jermey Parnell - 0 yards (declined)
  • Offensive Holding - Carson Tinker - 10 yards
  • Offensive Holding - AJ Cann - 10 yards

TOTAL: Six Penalties, 46 yards

As you can see, both the number of flags and total penalty yardage accrued were way down from what the Jaguars have been getting so far this season. It was also good to see that the team mostly avoided dumb penalties. Sure, you really don’t want a veteran player jumping offsides on a hard count, but it happens.

The Jaguars have now completed half of their season, so the question becomes will the Kansas City game be the benchmark for the rest of the year when it comes to penalties? Or will Jacksonville slip back into making dumb mistakes? Time will tell, but it’s good to see them at least take a step in the right direction.

You can view the complete penalty log for the Jaguars this season here.