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Gus Bradley: “We’re not after good, we’re after great”

Gus Bradley has had lots of press conferences during his tenure here in Jacksonville, and man, has he said some inspiring stuff.


Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley has been heavily criticized in the past for his performance as the coach, with the win/loss record not being where fans expected it to be, disciplinary issues, and even being a bald coach with a goatee.

Not today, folks.

I’ve just about had it with the calling for Bradley’s head. A nice guy like Gus shoudn’t ever have to face unemployment, regardless of his performance. He's just so genuine.

14-41 does not matter. That's all on the players and not Bradley as head coach.

The lack of discipline does not matter. That’s all on the players and not Bradley as head coach.

Hell, the bald head and goatee is a great look.

One thing I will praise Bradley for is his press conferences. Man are they moving and inspirational. I'm surprised the team wasn’t a playoff team from the get-go under his leadership.

In his Monday morning presser yesterday, Bradley said something that really moved me when asked about the team’s struggles:

“You challenge them and it showed up. We get the run game going, play-pass a little better. We didn’t execute nearly as well as we would like, but we saw some good things. We’re not after good; we’re after great.”


That inspires me to go for great in everything I do. We're not after good, we’re after great

The fans should stop being so negative about Bradley. He says the right things and we should be hopeful about this team. Gus Bradley sure as hell is.

Get better every day, folks.