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Gus Bradley gets third 8-game losing streak

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is statistically the worst NFL head coach in the modern era. He is bad. He is very, very bad. So bad in fact that he secured the third eight-game losing streak of his four-year career with a loss against the Minnesota Vikings.

Full disclosure: I don’t think Gus Bradley is totally to blame for this travesty. If the organizational structure is what we think it is, general manager Dave Caldwell hired him and has at least some power to fire him.

And even if that’s not true, owner Shad Khan is quite possibly making this team worse by choosing not to make a coaching change until the season is over. After all, he had a team meeting ahead of the Thursday Night Football game against the Tennessee Titans and still hasn’t intervened.

Coincidentally, the Jaguars still haven’t won a game since that midweek meeting.

Three more games. We’ll get through this together.