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Jaguars go one full calendar year without a win at home

How long has it been since the Jaguars won a game at home? We make it easy for you!

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't won at home in a long, long time. In fact, this week they'll celebrate one full calendar year of zero wins at EverBank Field.

So we decided to give you a handy dandy timer that counts up... so you can know exactly -- to the minute -- just how much of a dumpster fire Shad Khan, Dave Caldwell, and Gus Bradley have thrown onto the good people of Jacksonville.

Why will it say 366 days? Because it was a leap year. Don't @ us.

What are some other things that have happened more recently than the Jaguars winning at home?

The St. Louis Rams won a game in St. Louis.

Christmas. 2015 Christmas.

Zika became a thing.

Zika stopped being a thing.

The Summer Olympics.

David Bowie died.

The Cleveland Browns won.

What about you? What are some things that have happened in your life more recently than the Jaguars winning a game at home? Comment below. Let's get through this together.