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JJ Zachariason sums up Gus Bradley in one perfect tweet

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a very, very bad head coach in Gus Bradley. He's statistically the worst of the modern era. The players aren't buying into him or his message. He forgot about a timeout he called on a pivotal drive. He has proved again and again his incapability of adapting his scheme to his players.

There are many, many things he could do and not get fired and yet he still has a job.

But then J.J. Zachariason of found the statistic that perfectly summed up just how deep Gus Bradley's failure goes.

Granted, Bill Belichick is probably the greatest head coach the game of football has ever known and he's had the fortune of coaching the greatest quarterback the game of football has ever known. Regardless... go Jaguars.