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Can my 3-year-old daughter draft better than the Jaguars?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have not drafted well ever since general manager Dave Caldwell took over. In fact, it’s my opinion that the team has actually done worse than chance — and that picking names randomly could yield better results.

To test my theory, I employed the help of my daughter, Ruthie, to make the picks from 2013-2016. To rank players, I took Mike Mayock’s big board from right before each draft and assigned grades based on where a player was ranked — No. 1-32 got a first round grade, No. 33-64 got a second round grade, and No. 65-96 got a third round grade.

I then let Ruthie do the picking. How’d she do?

2013 redraft results

Round 1 - OT Justin Pugh

Round 2 - RB Giovani Bernard

Round 3 - CB Robert Alford

Clearly this is a massive upgrade over Luke Joeckel, Johnathan Cyprien, and Dwayne Gratz. Pugh is a fixture at tackle for the New York Giants and was selected to the 2013 All-Rookie Team, Bernard is better than anything we have in the backfield currently, and Alford just signed an extension — even if it is with one of the worst secondaries in the NFL.

Results: Ruthie 1, Dave 0

2014 redraft results

Round 1 - DE Stephon Tuitt

Round 2 - S Lamarcus Joyner

Round 2 - WR Jordan Matthews

Round 3 - DE Brent Urban

On the one hand, we’re not in QB purgatory so that’s a plus right off the bat. We’re still plugging along with some veteran and not reaching for something that isn’t there — *cough cough* Blake Bortles *cough cough* — but we certainly didn’t get a draft of the caliber of Allen Robinson, Marqise Lee, and Brandon Linder. It’s a downgrade. Sorry, Ruthie.

Results: Ruthie 1, Dave 1

2015 redraft results

Round 1 - RB Melvin Gordon

Round 2 - LB Denzel Perryman

Round 3 - CB Alex Carter

Melvin Gordon is a massive upgrade over Dante Fowler and pairing him with Bernard would be fun, Denzel Perryman would probably have the same length of time in Jacksonville as T.J. Yeldon but at least we’d get rid of Paul Posluszny, and Alex Carter is on the practice squad right now. The tie goes to Ruthie — I’d rather hit on my first rounder and miss on a third rounder than vice versa.

Results: Ruthie 2, Dave 1

2016 redraft results

Round 1 - DL Vernon Butler

Round 2 - DT Kenny Clark

Round 3 - OL Isaac Seumalo

This isn’t even close. Jalen Ramsey alone is better than these three guys combined, and the additions of Myles Jack and Yannick Ngakoue put it over the top.

Results: Ruthie 2, Dave 2

Final analysis

Officially, it’s a tie. So what’s the tiebreaker? I’d say the fact that we’re not stuck with Blake Bortles is what edges Ruthie over Dave. Swinging and missing on a franchise quarterback sets your team back further than not going in on one at all.

But even if we don’t use tiebreakers, we have it on video — my 3-year-old daughter can draft at least as well as Dave Caldwell.