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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Todd Wash explains the OTTO linebacker

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Wash explains the OTTO linebacker -
This past summer, there was a lot of positive talk about how the Jaguars' OTTO position had its own room, coach and responsibilities. You probably have forgotten about those whimsical thoughts of exotic attacks, but if you haven't, you can just erase the farce from your memories. It turns out the position isn't really all that fancy after all. In fact, it's just basically a plain, old strongside (SAM) linebacker position.

Gus Bradley sure to be fired, is his replacement Mike Smith? -
This was the season many predicted that Gus Bradley would turn the Jaguars around, and they would finally be fighting for a playoff spot. However, while the rest of the AFC South is locked in a tight race for the division crown, Jacksonville is staring at another top three draft pick. Many have predicted that Gus Bradley will finally be fired at the end of the season, and that idea is all but a certainty, according to Pro Football Weekly.

How high can the Jacksonville Jaguars pick in the 2017 NFL Draft? -
This season was a disastrous one with very little upside for the Jacksonville Jaguars. In a season where they were supposed to be competing for the division title, the Jags have gone 2-11. Meanwhile, the AFC South remains the most winnable division in the NFL. The only good thing Jacksonville will receive from this losing season, is yet another early draft pick. Granted, the draft order isn’t set in stone yet, but things are looking up for the Jags in this regard.