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Jaguars vs. Texans final score: Jacksonville finds another way to lose

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars went to play the Houston Texans on Sunday hoping to play spoiler once again, and also beat Bill O'Brien for the first time ever. Instead they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory (again) and fell to 2-12.

The game started out about how one would think a Jaguars vs. Texans game would, with five consecutive drives that ended in punts. The Jaguars were finally able to put a good drive together on their third of the day, as they notched a field goal from Jason Myers to cap off a 11-play, 56-yard drive to give them a 3-0 lead.

The demise of Brock Osweiler would start to begin, as Osweiler threw an interception to Jalen Ramsey on an overthrow to Will Fuller. Ramsey would return it 35 yards to the Texans 25-yard line, as he recorded his first interception as a professional.

The Jaguars would go backwards on the next drive, as they lost seven yards, but would once again settle for a field goal, this one of the 50-yard variety to give he Jaguars a 6-0 lead.

Osweiler would throw his final pass of the day the next drive, as a pressure from Malik Jackson forced him to step up in the pocket, and throw a pass right into coverage to linebacker Telvin Smith, giving the Jaguars the ball at the Texans 37-yard line.

The Jaguars would take advantage of their second straight interception, as a defensive pass interference penalty near the goal line on A.J. Bouye would set the Jaguars up at the two-yard line. Bortles would run it in the end zone on second down, stretching the Jaguars lead to 13-0.

The Texans would proceed to bench Brock Osweiler the next drive, ending the $72 million dollar quarterback's day. Tom Savage would come into replace him, as he did well on his first drive, leading the Texans all the way to the goal line.

In one of the weirder plays of the year, Akeem Hunt would run it up the middle, fumbling right before he got across into the end zone. The ball would roll around for a few seconds without anyone noticing, before Hunt and two Jaguars players attempted to jump on the ball. The ruling on the field would end up concluding that because there was no clear recovery, the ball would go back to the half yard line.

The Jaguars would stuff the Texans on third-and-inches from the goal line, then Ramsey would make a tremendous play on the ball on a fade on fourth down, creating a turnover on downs.

The Jaguars would proceed to go three and out the next drive, then allow safety on a punt due to a holding call in the end zone against Neal Sterling. This would give the Texans their first points of the game and the ball, cutting the lead to 13-2.

With decent field position on their next drive, the Texans would use a six-play, 40-yard drive to notch another three points, as Nick Novak would make a 39-yard field goal to set the score at 13-5.

The Jaguars would start the second half with the ball, hoping to extend their lead with a good drive. Unfortunately, they would fall short after six plays, punting it back to the Texans. The Texans would follow up with a nine-play, 57-yard drive that would end on another field goal form Nick Novak, this one from 45 yards to notch the score at 13-8.

Following the touchdown, the Jaguars would make a historic play, as Marqise Lee took the kickoff to the house on a 100 yard kickoff return. This would be the first kickoff return the Jaguars have had since Maurice Jones-Drew did it in 2007. Myers would make the extra point, as the Jaguars extended their lead to 20-8.

The Texans would once again respond with a field goal on a nine-play, 45-yard drive which ended in a 43-yard Novak field goal. This would cut the Jaguars lead to 20-11.

The Jaguars started the next drive hoping to burn some clock, or even put the game out of reach. However, their offense would sputter on the drive, as they were forced into a three and out.

Despite a few excellent plays by Jalen Ramsey on the Texans next drive, the Texans would go down the field once again, to do what they have all game long. The Texans would settle for a field goal after their 14-play, 58-yard drive was stalled. The Texans would cut the lead to 20-14, and put them one score away.

What would the Jaguars offense do on the next drive? Well if you guessed three and out, you were correct. The Jaguars offense went backward with a holding call, a 2 yard loss on a T.J. Yeldon run, and a incomplete pass to Ben Koyack which he didn't even notice was coming his way.

The Texans would follow up the Jaguars blunders with their best drive of the day, which included a couple of good throws from Tom Savage while under pressure. The Texans would cap off the drive with a one-yard run by Lamar Miller, the Texans first touchdown of the day, as they took a 21-20 lead.

The Jaguars offense would fold once again, as they turned it over on downs as Bortles desperately attempted to get the ball away, but threw it to no one. They would stop the Texans on the next drive, forcing them to punt, giving the Jaguars the ball on their own seven-yard line with 1:10 left, and a chance to win the game one more time.

The game could not have ended on a more appropriate note, as Bortles threw an interception into coverage to Quinton Demps, who would slide down, and allow the Texans to go into victory formation and win the game.

The Jaguars would fall to the Texans 21-20, and lose their ninth straight game of the year.