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Airing the dirty laundry: Week 16

Examining the Jaguars’ penalties from week 16 against the Titans.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was fun.

After firing Gus Bradley on a short week, and then promoting Doug Marrone to interim Head Coach, the Jacksonville Jaguars came out and played their best game of the season. The offense moved the ball well, the defense was dominant at times (hey Jalen Ramsey!), and the Jags took it to the Titans, winning in a blowout. The team also managed to have their fewest number of penalties this year, only tallying four total.

It would seem unwise to rush to judgement after just one game, but it was nice to see that the Jags looked more disciplined overall, and thus played better and more efficient. The previous season low for penalty flags was six, but Jacksonville under Marrone managed to knock that down to just four on Saturday. Here are all of the penalties against the Jaguars on Saturday, courtesy of

  • Delay of Game - Blake Bortles - 5 yards
  • Roughing the Passer - Sheldon Day - 15 yards
  • Illegal Use of Hands - Jermey Parnell - 10 yards
  • Interference with Opportunity to Catch - Peyton Thompson - 15 yards

TOTAL: 4 penalties, 45 yards

The Jaguars finish up the season on the road with the Indianapolis Colts. It will be interesting if the discipline shown against the Titans will continue into next week under interim coach Marrone.