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Trent Dilfer insults city of Jacksonville on WEEI, Jaguars clap back

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Trent Dilfer made some, well, poorly informed comments about the city of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Jaguars on the Wednesday afternoon episode of WEEI’s sports programming up in Boston. You can listen to him here.

Dilfer started by saying Blake Bortles is a bad quarterback. That’s not wrong and in fact we think that too. It’s a tired opinion, but it’s the right one.

But his unsolicited comments about the city of Jacksonville being a “terrible city for an NFL franchise” is a bit of a blindside and something of an unprofessional move. And when Dilfer said he didn’t remember ever being as bad as Bortles is right now, well, it seems a line was crossed with the Jaguars PR team because the clap back from Jaguars Senior Manager of Public Relations and the Jaguars main account was a decisive blow.

*whispers* Trent Dilfer is Player X.

Now the Jaguars main account is out to prove Dilfer wrong on his opinion that the city of Jacksonville is a bad place for an NFL franchise. Respond to @TDESPN with a photo and answer him on why Jacksonville isn’t a bad place to live. And don’t forget to include the hashtag #WHYJAX so you can possibly get retweeted by the team.