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Jaguars will reportedly reach out to Tom Coughlin after season

Jaguars v Titans X

The Jacksonville Jaguars will reportedly reach out to Tom Coughlin, according to Jason La Canfora of

The move wouldn’t come until after the season is done and La Canfora doesn’t specify whether Coughlin would be looked at to replace Gus Bradley as head coach or join the front office. But joining the team is reportedly something being considered.

A reunion between Tom Coughlin, one of the most prominent figures in Jacksonville sports history, and the Jaguars is possible this offseason, according to league sources. Jags owner Shahid Khan is mulling over coaching changes, and Coughlin has appeal to the team in various capacities ...

While sources believe the Jags may retain GM Dave Caldwell, a restructuring of the front office is possible. The Jags have accrued some quality young talent but continue to finish last in the weak AFC South, and quarterback Blake Bortles has regressed.

But would Coughlin even be a fit for the Jaguars? Well, yes and no.

Alfie Crow mused on this earlier in the season when rumors started and in short, it’s all about how he’s brought in and what role he’s given. Join the front office and build a winning culture while having input on personnel decisions? Yes. Become head coach? Maybe.

Personally, I think arguing over semantics when we literally have the worst head coach in NFL history is dumb. Coughlin may not be perfect, but he has decades of NFL experience and was a part of three Super Bowl teams.