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Blake Bortles has more pick-sixes (11) than career wins (10)

The internet did what the internet does.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

With 7:34 left in the third quarter, the Jacksonville Jaguars were down 10-3 to the Denver Broncos. It was third-and-4 at midfield and Blake Bortles was pressured as he threw over the middle to Allen Robinson. It would have been a first down if Bortles didn't do what he'd done 10 other times in the past 40 games.

He threw a pick-six.

Bradley Roby took it 51 yards for a touchdown that put the Broncos up 17-3, an insurmountable lead if you've ever watched a Jaguars game.

But there was something special about this pick-six. It was the 11th of Bortles' career -- one more than the 10 wins of his career. With the game seemingly out of reach, it would mean that Bortles would finish the day with more career pick-sixes than wins.

And the internet did what the internet does.

I'm so, so sorry, Blake.