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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Allen Robinson lashes out at fans for booing 2-7 team

Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Allen Robinson lashes out at fans (again) for booing (again) a 2-7 Jacksonville Jaguars team -
Robinson’s comments were part of an article by Greg Bishop of Sports Illustrated that looked at NFL players’ recovery time after games. The part that “fans don’t see” that Robinson alluded to was the fact that their careers could be over in a split second on any given play.

Gus Bradley’s fate is sealed, so why are the Jacksonville Jaguars keeping him around? -
The Jacksonville Jaguars moved to 2-10 with their loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, pushing Gus Bradley’s record-setting head coach record at 14-46 with 50 career losses in four seasons still in play. The team had the same issues they’ve had all season, with the defense playing well against a team they should play well against, but the offense once again just couldn’t muster much of anything to win the football game. In fact, the offense contributed more to the Bronco’s offensive output than their own. As each loss mounts, it becomes more clear that the inevitable is going to happen: Gus Bradley will be fired.

Day that was: “We’re not there yet” -
Gus Bradley made that clear Monday. The statement is supported by statistics in recent weeks – and really, the entire season. But the Jaguars’ fourth-year head coach said the defense isn’t great yet. On Monday, he outlined reasons why.