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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: David Carr thinks Tom Coughlin would be perfect for team

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network's David Carr "absolutely" thinks Tom Coughlin would be perfect fit for Jacksonville Jaguars -
Even four years after taking his last snap for the New York Giants, David Carr can’t shake Tom Coughlin and his influence from his life. One of Coughlin’s mandates as New York Giants coach was that everything ran five minutes ahead of schedule. "Coughlin Time" meant getting everywhere five minutes early by rule. So the former Giants backup quarterback and current NFL Network analyst laughs when he looks down and sees a daily reminder of how Coughlin infiltrated his thinking.

Jacksonville Jaguars defense ranks in top five, but how good are they? -
One of the few bright spots of the Jacksonville Jaguars abysmal 2016 season has been their defense, overall. It doesn’t do anything flash, but it’s been able to grind teams down and keep the Jaguars in games, though they ultimately end up breaking later in the game and still lose. The big question is, how good really is the Jaguars defense?

Week 14 power rankings -
Here are senior writer John Oehser’s Week 14 2016 NFL power rankings. And we all know how important these are.