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2016 NFL Draft stock report: Noah Spence up, Joey Bosa down

Who's arrow is pointing up and who's is pointing down going into the NFL Combine?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2015 NFL season officially over, the 2016 NFL Draft process is about to kick into overdrive. With an influx of pro days, workouts, and the NFL Scouting Combine on the horizon, I figured it should be time to do a weekly stock report on prospects and their rise or fall in the process.

Stock Up

Noah Spence

No player has benefitted more from the post-college football season the than former Ohio State and current Eastern Kentucky pass rusher Noah Spence. He has quickly established himself as the top pass rusher in the draft thanks to a productive regular season and a dominant week at the Senior Bowl. Factor in the fact that teams are going to put an even higher premium on pass rushers after seeing the performances of Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware this postseason, and Spence's stock is through the roof.

Laremy Tunsil

All the talk surrounding Tunsil right now is that if the Titans stay locked in at picking first overall, Tunsil will be the pick. There really isn't much more Tunsil can do or much more he has to do to improve his stock. It is going to stay high all draft process and it is unlikely he will not be the top pick at this point, despite it only being February.

Myles Jack

Despite suffering a season-ending injury during the regular season, Jack's stock remains high and all of the talk surrounding his injury remains positive. He is expected to participate at the NFL Combine and at this point it is highly unlikely that his injury will affect where he will be drafted.

Stock Down

Shawn Oakman

After a disappointing senior season at Baylor, Oakman needed a strong Senior Bowl week to propel his stock upwards. Unfortunately, most reports coming out of the week of practices paint Oakman as one of the players who struggled the most during the week. And when it came to the actual Senior Bowl game Oakman didn't fare much better despite some misleading stats.

Reggie Ragland

Ragland is one of those players whose stock will continue to decline throughout the draft process because he is the type of player who will not give you much to be excited about off the field. His athleticism is a serious question and compared to fellow linebackers like Darron Lee and Myles Jack, Ragland is going to be seeing a lot more questions until the combine and afterward as well.

Joey Bosa

Not like this, Joey. Not like this.