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2016 NFL free agency: Colts players who could be targeted by Jaguars

Again, we hate these guys. But are there any Colts players worth looking at?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have one of the smallest lists of free agents this offseason. But is there anyone worth looking at for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Here are all the Indianapolis Colts free agents, according to

Player Position Status Salary
Greg Toler CB UFA $4,750,000
Matt Hasselbeck QB UFA $3,000,000
Adam Vinatieri K UFA $2,500,000
Jerrell Freeman ILB UFA $2,356,000
Charlie Whitehurst QB UFA $2,000,000
Coby Fleener TE UFA $1,335,412
Lance Louis RG UFA $1,012,500
Dwight Lowery S UFA $950,000
Colt Anderson S UFA $925,000
Ahmad Bradshaw RB UFA $870,000
Dwayne Allen TE UFA $770,776
Dan Herron RB RFA $660,000
Billy Winn DE ERFA $544,670
Akeem Davis S UFA $510,000
Jack Doyle TE RFA $496,667

The Colts have one of the worst rosters in the league. In fact, I'd say it's the worst in the division and their only saving grace is Andrew Luck. And we saw how they fared with him injured last season.

Jurrell Freeman is probably the best prospect in terms of needs and value for the Jaguars. He's a slightly quicker (and younger) Paul Posluszny who's a lot better at rushing the passer and pressuring the quarterback. His strength is certainly run defense, but he's not bad at pass coverage. Greg Toler isn't good, don't be fooled by the salary.