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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: PFF believes Jaguars are playoff team in 2016

Pro Football Focus believes the Jaguars are one of five non-playoff teams to make the playoffs in 2016, and more team news for your Monday morning.

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Jacksonville Jaguars one of five non-playoff teams to make playoffs in 2016 -
The Colts won’t be unchallenged in the AFC South, however, with the Texans on the rise this season, and also the Jaguars showing signs of life with big strides made by their passing game in 2015 with the likes of Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson (87.6) and Allen Hurns (84.6) making a huge leap forward. If that trajectory can be maintained by the offense, the Jags will be threatening enough with an impressive rookie season from T.J. Yeldon (83.2) adding balance to the offense, even though the offensive line was only just inside the league’s top 20.

Could Dan Skuta become cap casualty? -
At this point, the Jaguars don't really seem eager to part ways with veteran linebacker Dan Skuta. At the same time, the Otto linebacker position remains a hot topic -- one that is not immune to upgrade discussion.

Not cool at all -
Denver was a fantastic example of an organization willing to recognize, target and acquire talent to win a championship. So far, this Jags leadership has shown desire, but has yet to acquire championship talent. Do you think in the next two months we will find out if the brain trust can pull it off?