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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Finding a center is a priority

ESPN's Mike DiRocco believes finding a center is a top priority this offseason, and more team news for your Tuesday afternoon.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Finding a center is Jacksonville Jaguars' top priority -
The Jaguars offense made big strides in 2015, especially in the passing game, but the run game still needs work. T.J. Yeldon ran for 740 yards in 12 games, but he rarely had room to get going before he encountered defenders. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Yeldon averaged just 2.36 yards before first contact, which ranked 25th in the NFL.

Is Eli Apple worth a first-round pick? -
Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple is getting a lot of love leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft. But is there any substance to the hype?

A little more info on Josh Johnson -
Earlier this week, Dan Klausner talked about one of his favorite sleeper picks for the 2013 NFL Draft. His piece on Oklahoma cornerback, Demontre Hurst, inspired me to stop being lazy and introduce you to my favorite under-the-radar defensive back in this draft. Purdue cornerback, Josh Johnson, first caught my eye two years ago when I sat down to watch a former high school classmate of mine (Charlton Williams) play for the Boilermakers. Williams was also a defensive back, so I kept my eyes peeled to the secondary, and could not help but notice this tough little guy playing all over the defensive backfield.