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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Working with Blake Bortles one reason Chad Henne returned

One reason Chad Henne re-signed with the Jaguars is the opportunity to work with Blake Bortles, and more team news for your Friday morning.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Working with Blake Bortles one reason why Chad Henne re-signed with Jacksonville Jaguars -
The Jacksonville Jaguars re-signed backup quarterback Chad Henne to a two-year contract extension, the team announced Thursday. Henne said he had his agent research opportunities with other teams, but didn’t feel confident about any of those situations and chose to return to Jacksonville because he felt the Jaguars were still the best fit.

What did Blake Bortles tweet after Chad Henne re-signed? -

Jaguars give $100,000 to Nassau County for football field renovation -
The Jacksonville Jaguars are giving $100,000 to Nassau County for a football field renovation. The check will be delivered at 11 a.m. Thursday. It will go toward fixing up the Yulee Sports Complex. "The NFL does a great job partnering with each team when it comes to encouraging our youth to play football safely, and also making sure that the youth have great facilities to practice and play on," said Jaguars Foundation President Peter Racine.