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2016 NFL free agent targets: Danny Trevathan

Paul Posluszny replacement? Linebacker depth? Turnovers galore? Danny Trevathan brings a lot to the table.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason is going to be filled with defensive acquisitions for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and as I bring to you my second free agent target breakdown, I must inform you that most of these breakdowns will be of defensive players because, well, if you watched any of our games last year you'd know why.

The linebacker trend continues, as yesterday I broke down some film of Miami Dolphins defensive end and outside linebacker Olivier Vernon. If you missed that, click here). Today's breakdown is on inside linebacker Danny Trevathan of the Denver Broncos.

Danny Trevathan stands at 6'1, 240 lbs, and was a sixth-round pick back in 2012, but played in all 16 games that year and found a starting role in 2013. Trevathan has totaled 282 tackles, three sacks, five interceptions including one returned for a touchdown, four forced fumbles, and 19 defended passes.

Trevathan, like Vernon, are both entering their prime at the age of 25. As they have shown so much ability and talent in their short careers, Trevathan and Vernon both look to be long-term answers for any team that locks them up this March.

But stats are stats, right? Watch him in pass coverage below.

Trevathan covers the middle of the field and locks down San Diego Chargers tight end Ladarius Green. The Broncos pass rush gets to Phillip Rivers quickly and forces him to dump the ball off -- right into Trevathan's waiting arms.

Although he doesn't have many sacks in total, Trevathan is solid in applying pressure to the quarterback. Here's a sack he had on New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

Trevathan takes time to let the play develop in which fellow linebacker Wesley Woodyard takes the gap between the center and right guard to eliminate the blocking running back, leaving a hole for Trevathan to sneak in and deliver a blow on Manning.

Trevathan utilizes his football intelligence and awareness by letting the play develop as well as his athleticism to create a sack with such quick speed, both of which are tools we should be looking for in a future replacement for Posluszny. I'm sold.

Finally, here's a play that displays Danny Trevathan's power.

Trevathan evades a block with a cut back move and reads former New England Patriots running back Shane Vereen's route perfectly and laid Vereen out as the ball got to him.

As displayed throughout these film breakdowns, Trevathan displays all the tools you want for someone to lead the defense at middle linebacker. Trevathan can also rotate at the other linebacker positions and make an impact all over the field. He's that special of a player.

On March 7th, I can only hope general manager Dave Caldwell will be negotiating his contract with the Jaguars.