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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Senior Bowl players talk about Gus Bradley

The Senior Bowl is over and players reflected on the Jaguars coaching staff, and more team news for your Tuesday morning.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

2016 Senior Bowl players reflect on Jacksonville Jaguars coaches -
The Jacksonville Jaguars coaching staff guided the South team to a 27-16 blowout victory at the Reese's Senior Bowl Saturday. Gus Bradley's third time at the helm of a Senior Bowl roster was a success and helped give new defensive coordinator Todd Wash some experience in his inherited position.

2016 mock draft: Who was helped by the Senior Bowl? -
The 2016 Senior Bowl is over and while some draft prospects helped their stock going forward, some were hurt by bad performances or just not being there. Of the standouts, Eastern Kentucky's Noah Spence and Ohio State's Braxton Miller probably did the most for their draft causes going forward and Oregon's DeForest Buckner will probably fall a few spots... not because teams don't understand why a top prospect would want to miss the Senior Bowl, but because some players did so well that they may have leap-frogged him.

Linebacker position may change dramatically for Jaguars -
Posluszny led the Jaguars in tackles (again) with 133 despite missing two games because of ankle and hand injuries. He also had three interceptions, more than any player on the team other than CB Davon House (four). Posluszny's worth to the defense is so much more than numbers, though. He’s responsible for getting the calls from the sideline, making adjustments and communicating them on the field.