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Filed under: releases four-round 2016 NFL mock draft for Jaguars

There's already a four-round mock draft. The Super Bowl hasn't even started and has a four-round mock draft for us.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

'Tis the season for mock drafts and with the Jacksonville Jaguars picking in the top-five (AGAIN) there will be a lot of talk about which top prospect they'll take in April.

Chad Reuter of recently released his first mock draft and it's a doozy -- four complete rounds, detailing the top 127 picks in the 2016 NFL Draft. Who did he have falling to the Jaguars?

Round 1: Jalen Ramsey, FS, Florida State

Yes. Please. Playmaker who will immediately upgrade the entire defense.

Round 2: Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama

Wait, a center in the top-40? With as many holes on defense as we have and you go for the only deficiency on offense? What?

Round 3: Austin Hooper, TE, Stanford

We're drafting backups at the top of the third round now? Marcedes Lewis could very well re-sign. Jesus.

Round 4: Eric Striker, OLB, Oklahoma



No, no, and no. I can't imagine, in my wildest dreams, that Dave Caldwell would look at this draft class and be okay with it. Not one bit. If there aren't at least two defenders picked in the first three rounds, I'll be shocked. Kelly is the best center in the draft, but with all the holes we have you don't pick a center in the second round. Hooper is a good player, no knocking him, but why use an early third-round pick on someone who has Julius Thomas, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Marcedes Lewis ahead of him? Striker is an intriguing prospect that I wouldn't mind, but when he's your second defender taken in the draft, you done goofed.

See the entire four-round mock draft here.