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VIDEO: Dante Fowler not involved in fight, much ado about nothing

Jaguars pass rusher Dante Fowler was seen in a video where two women fought. It's not a red flag. It's not a big deal. Stop.

Early Tuesday morning video surfaced on TMZ Sports of Jacksonville Jaguars defensive lineman Dante Fowler Jr. appearing to be watching a fight between two women take place. It appears that Fowler might step between them and break it up, but he steps back and lets them fight, then breaks it up when it ends up on the ground.

He hockey ref’d it, essentially.

Much to my surprise, Fowler has started getting flack for his involvement… or lack thereof more accurately, in the physical altercation.

The situation that led to the fight is unknown at this time and one of the women seems to be constantly off camera, but according to TMZ the altercation is between the mother of Fowler’s child and his current girlfriend. The location is an apartment complex, but that’s about the end of the specifics as we know right now.

Personally, I saw the video and kind of shrugged my shoulders. Fowler, in my opinion, did the smart thing. He didn’t involve himself in the physical altercation until it was over with, then proceeded accordingly. He’s gotten some flack for not involving himself sooner, but it seems clear he made the best "business decision" to not involve himself physically out of the gate. I’m not going to comment anything on keeping himself out of situations like that though, because at this point no one knows what the situation was or what led to it.

Maybe Fowler brought his current girlfriend with him to see his child’s mother. Maybe his child’s mother showed up at his apartment. At this point, we don’t know so there’s no real benefit of assuming one way or the other.

All we have is the video and in the video, Fowler isn’t really doing much of anything.

Some people have said he should have prevented the fight from even happening, but that can end up being a messy situation. A lot of the time if two people want to throw hands, they’re going to throw hands no matter who is trying to stop them. What if Fowler ends up getting hit trying to break it up? What if he grabs one of the women too strongly? What if he pushes one of the women too hard? It might sound shitty, but given the situation Fowler did probably the smartest thing he could do; Not involve himself.

Until we know more on the situation, all we have to go on is a video of Fowler literally not doing anything, so I’m not sure what the fuss is about.