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NFL salary cap 2016: Jaguars roll over more than $32 million in space

The Jaguars rolled over the largest amount of cap space from last year to this year. Hold onto your butts.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFLPA announced on Thursday morning the amount of unused cap room that each NFL team has the ability to roll over for the 2016 season, and to no surprise the Jacksonville Jaguars lead the league with the most cap room to bring over. With just over $32 million, $32,774,928 to be exact, it will give the Jaguars further ammunition to push for top tier free agents during the 2016 NFL offseason.

The amount of roll over shouldn’t be a big surprise either, given the team hasn’t really had any draft picks worth re-signing to long term deals and their quarterback is on a rookie contract. Typically that’s where team’s cap money is going to be invested, in their own, and since general manager Dave Caldwell took over in 2012, the team hasn’t had anyone worth re-signing.

This will put the Jaguars in the range of $80 million in cap room, before making cuts to some veterans like Chris Clemons, Zane Beadles and Toby Gerhart. It’s possible the Jaguars could end up with over $100 million in salary cap room before it’s all said and done, and one should expect them to spend quite a bit of that in free agency when it begins in just a few weeks.

The Jaguars have already been linked to pending free agent defensive lineman Malik Jackson (link to post), who’s looking to get something in the range of $15 million per year, which is a price the Jaguars can easily afford and still make another handful of top tier signings.

When looking at free agency, some have cautioned the Jaguars to spend wisely so they can afford to pay their own in the likes of Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns when the time comes, but the reality is it doesn’t matter and what they spend in free agency right now is not going to hamstring them going forward.

But, as expected, the Jaguars will have plenty of money to play with this offseason.