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FILM ROOM: Allen Robinson in the Pro Bowl

Second-year wide receiver Allen Robinson caught two passes in the 2016 Pro Bowl, finishing with 105 yards and one touchdown.

If you're a rational, grounded person, you might think that breaking down half-speed plays from a pointless two-hand-touch exhibition game is taking film work a little too far.

Then again, deep down, you knew this was coming.

Digging to uncover meaningful analysis from a worthless football game is kind of like trying to piece together why your wife left you -- it just isn't worth it. But then again, how many times have we been gifted with an opportunity to watch a Jaguar celebrate a touchdown in the Pro Bowl on a Sunday night?

Not many, and definitely not recently. Allen Robinson didn't just score in the Pro Bowl -- he led all receivers with 105 yards. The Pro Bowl might not be the most competitive showcase of football talent, but I still got quite a kick out of seeing Robinson on the field with a few of the NFL's household names -- even if he did only flash a couple of times.

The first of Robinson's two Pro Bowl catches came on a crossing route early in the game.

With Russell Wilson under center, Robinson lines up in the slot next to A.J. Green. Robinson's immediate defender is veteran cornerback Charles Woodson, playing in the last game of his NFL career.

Robinson accelerates through his route and catches the pass, but if we're being honest, this play is all Russell Wilson. Wilson fits the ball perfectly through a tight window, avoiding the hands of both Charles Woodson and Clay Matthews.

Robinson turns up field and races along the sideline. He is chased by living dinosaur Woodson and future Jaguar safety Eric Berry.

Eventually, future Jaguar Eric Berry is able to push Robinson out of bounds.

Also -- this is a little off topic, but does anyone else think that the Jaguars' helmets look way better with the 2016 Pro Bowl uniforms than they do matched up to the Jaguars' actual gameday uniforms?

Some great colors, here. Could use a little teal.

Robinson's second catch of the game arrives a little later, falling into place behind a beautiful double move and an under-thrown pass.

Teddy Bridgewater, selected 29 entire picks behind Blake Bortles in 2014 (for good reason), is now under center. Unlike the previous play, this route and catch is all about the receiver -- not Teddy "Catapult" Bridgewater.

At the snap, Robinson shoots down the sideline. About ten yards deep, Robinson sits on his route -- quite literally. Robinson really digs in, dropping his bum and turning his head back towards the quarterback. Pro Bowl cornerback Jason Verrett reacts and drops down, probably thinking he has a Pro Bowl pick.

Suddenly, Verrett is the one sitting, and Robison is running right past him. Teddy recognizes the separation and launches the ball into orbit.

I might be too critical (I am), but if the pass were on target, it would follow a trajectory similar to the green arrow. The ball would land out in front of Robinson, leading him into the endzone, at the green X. Instead, Robinson has to halt his gorgeous route in order to come back for a blimp. But who cares, it's the Pro Bowl -- Robinson still sprints into the endzone for his Pro Bowl touchdown.

Hopefully the first of many in a long, fruitful, Pro Bowl saturated career.