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Big Cat Country Arcade: Gus Bradley Soundboard

Every day is Sunday.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

You didn't ask for it, but I created it anyway -- the Gus Bradley soundboard.

Head coach Gus Bradley's game day blather may come off as overly-enthusiastic and void of discipline on the field, but when you bolt it all together to a pointless online keyboard -- well, it still sounds pretty ridiculous.

I don't endorse this tool for prank calls, mostly because I don't think your local pizza joint needs a lesson in inflated optimism. I DO recommend setting your favorite Gus bite as your text-tone/ringtone/alarm, though, because who doesn't need a little bump of confidence to make it through a long, hard day.

The possibilities are endless! Or perhaps, they're not. But don't be afraid to get creative -- here's something I was able to put together in a few minutes:

(See if you can find the hidden Easter Egg)

If sounds are loading slowly, wait for them to play and press the keys again. The soundboard becomes more responsive as you use it. Play it in a new window here.