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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Team is $28 million under minimum spend requirement

The Jaguars are one of two teams in the NFL to be under the minimum spend requirement... and they're under by a lot.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Jacksonville Jaguars under minimum spend requirement by $28 million -
The Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars are the only two NFL teams below the 89 percent cash spending required by next year, and they are significantly under the minimum, the players' union said Thursday. NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith singled out the Oakland Raiders as being $41 million below the spending floor they must reach by March 2017. The Jacksonville Jaguars are $28 million short of the collectively bargained requirements, Smith added.

Gus Bradley soundboard -
You didn't ask for it, but I created it anyway -- the Gus Bradley soundboard. Head coach Gus Bradley's game day blather may come off as overly-enthusiastic and void of discipline on the field, but when you bolt it all together to a pointless online keyboard -- well, it still sounds pretty ridiculous.

Local blogger in Tennessee doesn't understand how stadium upgrades work -
While improving Everbank Field is a good idea and expanding it to welcome more than just football fans will only benefit the city, it’s Khan’s statements about the Jaguars "fitting in" in the NFL that don’t mesh with reality. If the Jaguars are so concerned with belonging in the NFL, they need to focus on winning instead of making everything look nice. Improving your facilities isn’t a bad thing, but what the Jaguars really need to do is improve the quality of the play on that field rather than merely working on the stadium.