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Super Bowl 50 party recipes: Chicken wings and other food ideas

Let's talk about food, baby. Yeah, honey, just you and me.

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We're here today to talk about a pretty important topic and that is Super Bowl recipes, food, dips, desserts or whatever else it is you're making for your party this weekend. I've been plotting out my Sunday food strategy and I have plenty of ideas.

Chicken wings are a staple at most parties and while they're not always the best thing you're going to be eating today, it will likely be the food you eat the most of.

Here's a wing recipe we got from our friends at Arrowhead Pride. Also see some more links below. Please share your best ones for the rest of us.

Preparing the rub

Put your wings in a bag or some sort of bowl you can cover. Combine these spices together. Put the spices in with the wings and coat the wings. Let them sit for an hour or more. If you are concerned about how hot these will be, you can just slow down on the pepper.

Pepper (two tablespoons)
Onion powder (one tablespoon)
Chili powder (one tablespoon)
Garlic powder (one tablespoon)
Seasoned salt (one tablespoon)

Cooking the wings

You've got your wings that have been sitting in the rub for a while now. If you keep the wings in the fridge, take them out and let them sit for a few minutes in room temperature. The key to the wings is smoking them. If you have a smoker, you probably know how to handle this. If you don't, you can just put them on indirect heat on your grill and it will have a similar effect. Smoke them for 25-30 minutes on one side, flip them and smoke them for another 25-30 minutes on the other side.

You can cook these however you want really. Put them in the oven. Throw them on the grill. Just cook the way that's easiest for you.

Preparing the sauce

While your wings are cooking, you'll make the sauce. Take these three ingredients and put them together in a sauce pan and heat them up. If that seems like a lot of honey for you, feel free to cut back a little bit on that one cup. Pick out whatever your favorite barbecue sauce is and use that. After you have cooked the wings on either side, bring them in and throw this sauce on them and mix it up.

Honey (one cup)
Barbecue sauce (half cup)
Apple juice (three tablespoons)

Getting the crispy skin

I like my wings to have a slightly crispy skin. So after you've smoked them on either side and put the sauce on them, I like to throw them back on the grill over more direct heat for a few minutes to get that crispy skin. Watch them carefully because they can burn quickly.

Put your best Super Bowl recipes in the comments!

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