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2016 NFL free agent targets: Trumaine Johnson or Janoris Jenkins?

The Jaguars secondary is going to be shaken up a bit in 2016. With Davon House locked in as the team's No. 1 cornerback and Aaron Colvin looking to move to full time nickel corner, who could be the No. 2 cornerback?

Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars secondary is in need of improvements, major improvements. Not only does the team intend on finding the "franchise free safety" they have been looking for in the three years of the Dave Caldwell-Gus Bradley regime, but the team has also made reference to moving cornerback Aaron Colvin inside to nickel corner from his starting outside position.

If Colvin is moved inside, and no other moves are made, the 2016 starting cornerbacks for the Jacksonville Jaguars will be Davon House and Dwayne Gratz.

Don't do this to us, football gods.

I must admit, I was wrong. When fans started to call for Colvin to be moved inside, stating that he wasn't fit to start outside, I wouldn't hear it.

I know, these tweets can be taken several ways, but all in all, I was in favor of Colvin remaining a starter outside and was unwilling to think otherwise. I should have been more open minded then, because I have changed my mind and look like an idiot now. However, this isn't an apology letter, lets get back to business.

So, who could come in to fill the void at cornerback opposite of Davon House? Sure, Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman is heading into 2016 as a free agent, but don't get your hopes up. Norman will almost definitely be franchise tagged or receive a massive extension soon after the Super Bowl. Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith? Maybe, if he hits the open market.

But how about those Los Angeles Rams?

Both of the Rams starting corners, Trumaine Johnson and Janoris Jenkins, are scheduled to become free agents this offseason. The Rams have several needs that must be addressed this offseason, so the likelihood of being able to resign both corners is, well, unlikely.

Trumaine Johnson vs. Janoris Jenkins:

Trumaine Johnson was selected in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft. In his four year career, Johnson has totaled 15 interceptions and 42 defended passes. Johnson had a career year in 2015, as he had seven interceptions and 17 passes defended.

Janoris Jenkins was selected in the second round, 39th overall, in the 2012 draft, coming out of the University of North Alabama after transferring from the University of Florida due to run ins with the law and character concerns. Jenkins has cleaned up his act during his NFL career, and has continued to play well, totaling 10 career interceptions and 48 career defended passes, as well as five touchdowns on interception returns. in 2015, Jenkins had three interceptions and 15 defended passes.

I don't have much film to provide and break down, but the film I managed to find displays both Johnson and Jenkins awareness on the field, speed, and ball skills.

Johnson's athletic ability

The first play is of Johnson making a great leap for the ball and intercept New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Here is Johnson intercepting another pass, this time off of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Jenkins' awareness and intelligence

This first interception by Jenkins is a fantastic one, where Jenkins displays his awareness of where the ball is, as well as his athletic ability to pull in such a great pick off of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer.

In the next clip, Jenkins reads Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant's curl route right off the bat, and makes a play on the ball and returns his interception to the house.

Both of these cornerbacks are worthy of being locked up this offseason, and it's safe to assume the Rams will resign one of them. The question is, who?

In my opinion, I believe that the Rams will resign Johnson. Although both Johnson and Jenkins have both had polished careers for the Rams, Johnson had a better season than Jenkins did in 2015. It would seem logical that the club would resign Johnson to a big deal if they are put into a pinch.

Here's a follow up question: Will the Jaguars go after the odd man out?