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2016 NFL Scouting Combine winners and losers: Edge rushers

The Jaguars need to improve their stable of edge rushers and there's a good possibility they do it through the draft. Who impressed at last week's 2016 NFL Scouting Combine?

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We talked about what edge rushers to keep an eye on at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine here and why it was an important week for each player.

With the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine now in the rear-view mirror, how did each of these players fare at the combine? Who were the winners and the losers from the group of edge rushers?

Noah Spence

Considering the expectations that were set for Spence after a dominant final season of college football and a great week at the Senior Bowl, Noah Spence was one of the biggest disappointments. There may be some answers to why Spence was okay but not great in nearly every drill, such as the rumor that he was suffering from a hamstring injury during the workouts, but still it was not as an impressive workout as we wanted to see from Spence.

Luckily for Spence, he can redeem himself at his pro day, much like Randy Gregory dramatically improved his combine numbers at his pro day last year. Spence's pro day is next week but because of the disappointing combine performance, it is now one of the most important pro day's to monitor.

Joey Bosa

Boas had a lot of questions coming into the week regarding his athleticism. Many anticipated him to have good numbers in the explosion measurements such as the broad jump and the vertical jump, but he was expected to struggle a bit in the agility drills such as the three-cone drill and the shuttle.

Well, the opposite happened. Bosa showed up to Indy at a lighter weight than expected (269 lbs) and proceeded to be among the top performers in every agility drill. But for whatever reason, his 10-yard split in his 40-yard dash and his vertical jump were underwhelming.

Bosa's game on the field is all about explosion and strength, but at the combine he tested like a defensive end who wins more with quickness and balance. I am not sure if Bosa's combine really answered many questions because frankly it is a really strange one to look back on.

Emmanuel Ogbah

Ogbah was one of the big winners from the edge rushers group. He had a good weigh in, showing impressive size and strength, and then went on to test very well in some key areas.

Ogbah's tape shows some clear trends: Ogbah is a straight line player. He is going to run through you, not around you. This means that Ogabh's explosion drills were vital for his stock and he did not disappoint, showing great marks in the 10-yard split, the vertical jump, and the broad jump.

Shilique Calhoun

Calhoun did not put up any jaw dropping numbers, but he didn't really need to. Much like his on-field game, Calhoun did not show out in any one area but he was generally solid across the board. One negative from his week is that you would like to see him come in at a larger weight,.

Ronald Blair

Blair was one of the biggest disappointments of the entire Combine. Hyped up as a small-school athlete waiting to break out, Blair had terrible measurements across the board. It is hard enough to make the jump from small school to legit NFL prospect but it is even harder when you do not have the athletic profile to really bring about much enthusiasm.

Other Winners

Kamalei Correa of Boise State impressed a good bit. He has had some buzz around his name for the last few weeks and that should continue after he was solid across the board in measurements and looked very fluid in on-field drills.


Alex McCallister of Florida ran a 4.8 while weighing under 240 pounds and then proceeded to test mediocre in other drills. McCallister has some really intriguing tape but he is built like a defensive back but tested like a much slower athlete.