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NFL free agency 2016: Jaguars might not spend as much as we thought?

Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell tried to throw some cold water on Jaguars free agent spending talk.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL salary cap being set at just over $155 million this past week, the expectation is that the Jacksonville Jaguars will be big spenders in free agency. Currently without making any cuts, the Jaguars will have just over $74 million in cap space, which is the most in the NFL. Many fans and media feel like the Jags will make a handful of free agent signings, including multiple big deals, but general manager Dave Caldwell might have tried to pump the breaks a little bit on that notion on ProFootballTalk Live! on Tuesday morning.

The comments by Caldwell shouldn't be that surprising, as even if the plan was to spend all $75 million in one offseason, he's not going to come out and say it. He's going to be standoffish a bit on the notion they'll be big spenders because it's all a big negotiating game. If the Jaguars are upfront and open about planning to spend tons of money, they'll be suckers for agents looking to cash in for their clients and use the Jaguars for either outrageous contracts or leverage for other deals from different teams.

The reality is if the Jaguars want to be competitive in 2016 and finish with more than five wins, they'll have to make some splashes in free agency and get a few difference makers to pair with their NFL Draft class. It's not shocking to hear Caldwell say this publicly, but if it ends up being true and the Jaguars don't spend, then Caldwell might sign off on his own pink slip.