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Dolphins place transition tag on Olivier Vernon, per report

The Dolphins aren't franchise tagging Olivier Vernon, but he's not a complete free agent either.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins will be placing the transition tag on defensive end Olivier Vernon, according to a report by Rand Getlin of NFL Network. The transition tag would pay Vernon $12.37 million for the 2016 season is he stays on that tag. This means that the Dolphins will not be placing the franchise tag on him, like some thought could be the case.

The transition tag does not eliminate other teams from attempting to sign Vernon in free agency however, so it's not necessarily bad news for a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars who will be on the hunt to add pass rushers to their defensive line. With the transition tag, it means the Dolphins will have the right of first refusal if any other team ends up negotiating a deal that Vernon agrees to.

It's similar to the Alex Mack situation two years ago when the Jaguars attempted to sign him and Cleveland ultimately ended up matching. The difference this go-round is that it's possible a team like the Jaguars can structure a deal where the Dolphins won't be able to match it, because unless they begin doing some restructuring they'll have limited flexibility this season.