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How did the NFL Combine and free agency affect the Jaguars?

How did the NFL Combine and the first few days of free agency affect how the Jaguars will move forward this spring?

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With the NFL Combine over and free agency's most important days behind us, let's take a look at how the Jacksonville Jaguars were affected and how their moves affected what they'll do in the coming months of the offseason.

1. New No. 1 draft target: Myles Jack

If the Jaguars can bring in both Robert Ayers and Prince Amukamara, then it should be clear who their top priority should be in the draft: UCLA linebacker Myles Jack.

If the Jaguars make these moves, then they will have added to every position group on defense except linebacker. Paul Posluszny is likely going into his final season, so linebacker of the future is a huge need. And with they way the team has added to their roster they have set up a scenario where they do not have pressing needs at defensive end or defensive back (thank God) and linebacker just makes the most sense, so why not get the best one in the draft?

2. How Malik Jackson impacts the roster and draft plans

Malik Jackson is a huge get for the Jaguars because he gives them something they did not have last year -- a replacement for Sen'Derrick Marks.

I love Marks as a player and person. He was a lone bright spot for some seasons where there was not much worth watching every Sunday. But it is what it is, and he should be an afterthought at this point. If he brings anything to the table, great. But don't expect him to. Malik Jackson is the guy at 3-tech now.

Malik also changes draft plans because it is not very unlikely that the Jaguars draft a defensive tackle. An offensive lineman with their second pick is making more and more sense if they do not sign a free agent.

3. If the Jaguars sign a cornerback in free agency, it would be huge

One of the most important moves the Jaguars needed to make this free agency period is to add a starting cornerback opposite Davon House. If the Jaguars can add an even average outside corner, then they will be upgrading both the outside corner spot and the slot corner spot by moving Aaron Colvin back to the slot where he belongs.

It will also prevent the Jaguars from having to start a rookie on the outside. Remember, rookie cornerbacks typically have the hardest transition to the NFL after quarterbacks.

4. The second-round pick could come down to defensive end or offensive lineman

If the Jaguars add Ayers and Amukamara, they will have clear directions they can go in the draft that would improve the team immensely.

If they can grab Jack in the first instead of going defensive end, and if they do not need to draft a corner highly, then they can add a player like Shilique Calhoun or Kevin Dodd easily with their second pick.

They could also opt for an offensive lineman that falls to their second round pick like Ryan Kelly, Christian Westerman, or Cody Whitehair.

Either way, adding Ayers and Amukamara would set the Jaguars up very, very nicely for the draft.

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