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Jaguars plan to use Dan Skuta at LEO, keep Johnathan Cyprien at safety

The idea of Jonathan Cyprien at linebacker is widely discussed, however, not very realistic. Linebacker Dan Skuta, on the other hand, could benefit from a shift in responsibility.

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell held a brief media availability. Caldwell discussed several free agency happenings, as well as a few team plans for the Jaguars' roster moving forward.

Caldwell addressed the idea of moving linebacker Dan Skuta into a situational LEO role in 2016 -- an experiment that the Jaguars planned to implement before Skuta got injured last season.

Caldwell also spoke briefly about safety Johnathan Cyprien, saying the team had discussed the option of moving Cyprien to linebacker but decided not to explore it further.

Getting too small at linebacker is undoubtably a concern, however, I'd think Cyprien's tendency to miss tackles and explore terrible angles would generate even more apprehension. Sure, moving Cyprien closer to the line of scrimmage would eliminate some space between him and the action, but it wouldn't erase any of Cyprien's notorious shortcomings. In fact, a move might just create a few more.

So, no -- Cyprien is not moving to linebacker. Could the Jaguars use him closer to the line? Yes, but in a less drastic fashion.

Dan Skuta, on the other hand, could very well benefit from a shift in responsibility. In fact, Skuta's transition to LEO has been a long time coming. If the Jaguars are able reinforce their OTTO position in the draft, the team will be able to explore Skuta's utility as a pass rusher with a more creative mindset. It's a move that would definitely play to Skuta's strengths.

As the Jaguars continue to bolster their defense, we'll gain a better understanding of how the puzzle pieces fit together.