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How will the Jaguars defensive line look on the field in 2016?

With the additions to the Jaguars defense, a big question has been how will they lineup on the field. Here's a quick breakdown of what will likely happen.

One of the biggest additions for the Jacksonville Jaguars in free agency for the 2016 NFL season was bringing in defensive lineman Malik Jackson from the Denver Broncos. Jackson doesn't wow people with his numbers on a stat sheet, but if you watch his games with the Broncos you see a disruptive player in the middle of the defensive line, which is something the Jaguars have dearly missed since Sen'Derrick Marks had his injury issues. Bringing Jackson into the fold should improve that, but what does that change for the rest of the defensive line?

Are you going to see Marks and Jackson together? How and when would they line up like that?

I explained in the comments on a post a few days ago, but a lot of people continue to ask so I decided I'd write up a little bit what it would look like. Here's a quick chart of how I think the lineups will be, using only the front line players. I'm not going to get into depth or rotation just yet because I wanted to make it as simple as possible for everyone.

Those will likely be the three most used setups going forward, at least based on what we currently know at this moment.

The base formation will most commonly be used on 1st and 10 and will feature Roy Miller, because that's a down that a team can do anything out of, so you want to make sure you have your pluggers in there if they run the ball. The biggest change with now having Jackson and Marks on the same roster is going to be that Miller's snaps likely decrease overall, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Miller is a good plugger, but that's about all he brings to the table.

When you're outside of an obvious run down, I think we will see a lot of Marks and Jackson next to each other on the defensive line, similar to how the Broncos deployed Jackson and Derek Wolfe. When Marks was healthy, he was a big issue for teams inside rushing the passer. The big question going forward is if Marks will ever end up being that player again, but with the addition of Jackson to the team, he can ease his way into that without having a ton of pressure on his shoulders.

You'll obviously have the LEO end on every down and the big end (5T, 4B, whatever they want to call it) on base downs and other non-passing downs, with the double-LEO look (lightning package) on passing downs. It's not much different than how the Jaguars lined up before, it's just that they appear to be going more aggressive on the inside outside of their base formation than in years past, partly because they have the bodies now to do so, but also because with the uncertainty at the LEO position, they have to.