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Alex Mack voids three years remaining on contract, set to become free agent

The best center set to enter free agency this year just made it official. What's it mean for the Jaguars?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack voided the three years remaining on his contract and will reportedly become a free agent, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Mack's current contract would have paid him $24 million over the next three years, but he has just the fourth-highest average salary among centers in the NFL, trailing Maurkice Pouncey ($8.83 million), Rodney Hudson ($8.90 million), and Mike Pouncey ($8.95 million).

If the Jaguars (or any team) want to sign Mack next week in free agency, they will likely have to average at least $9 million per year. With the most cap space in the league and the most rollover from last year, will the Jaguars dedicate 10-15% of their available cap room to a center, even if he's the best center available?