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Dave Caldwell not worried about Prince Amukamara's injury history

The Jaguars signed Prince Amukamara on a one-year deal, but the general manager isn't concerned with his injury history.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Among the moves the Jacksonville Jaguars made in NFL free agency, they took a couple of chances on guys who are coming off injury. Former New York Giants cornerback and first round pick Prince Amukamara was signed to a one-year contract in free agency, a kind of "prove it" deal, in part because of his injury history. When he's been healthy he's been a good player in the NFL, but overall the injuries issues aren't a huge concern for general manager Dave Caldwell headed into the season.

"He's a guy that we've normally shied away from in terms of the injury history but his injuries haven't been reoccurring," Caldwell told reporters at the NFL owner's meeting on Monday. "They've all been different injuries at points in time of his career; kind of a little freakish to some degree. He just feels like it's a prove-it deal for him and he's motivated to play well and the risk for us wasn't a high risk for a one-year deal."

The Jaguars seem to like to give guys chances to prove themselves in free agency on these types of deals, and it's worked out for them with Sen'Derrick Marks and Roy Miller. In reality, Jacksonville is perfect for those types of situations because of the situation they've been in. Players like Marks and Amukamara will get playing time and can prove themselves on the field, and often players will be more apt to re-sign with the team who gave them that chance.

If Amukamara can stay on the field in 2016, he will be a nice upgrade on the opposite side of the field to Davon House, allowing Aaron Colvin to kick back inside to inside corner, where he's been more of a playmaker.