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Shad Khan on Jaguars playing in China: 'We've got a commitment in London'

The NFL wants to expand into China and (of course) Jaguars owner Shad Khan gets asked about it.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL announced that games would be played in China as soon as 2018, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the first teams to get questioned about playing in another international venue, despite the fact the Los Angeles Rams were named as the team that would play over there and the Jaguars don't have a chance to play the Rams in 2018.

"Well I think for us, we’ve got a commitment in London," Khan said on Monday at the NFL Owners Meetings. "Certainly, I’m delighted. I think it’s the right thing to do. I find this refreshing that this time, three years ago when we were talking about London, it seemed like a crazy idea. Now playing in Mexico, China and Brazil, all of those are very real possibilities. I think it’s great for the league ... Our commitment is London for many, many reasons and I think they’ve been articulated before to supplement what we’re doing in Jacksonville. What’s interesting is there are a lot of volunteers now to play these games which I think is really healthy and awesome. There’s a huge amount of interest."

But not everyone believes the Jaguars are as committed to London as their owner explicitly states they are when ESPN's Tony Kornheiser believed that Khan was willing to bow his knee to whichever international series the league wanted him to be a part of.

"What this story says to me is that Jacksonville will be going to China so they can once again -- as they go to London all the time -- they find a stadium where they don't have to put tarps over half the seats and sell it out. If the NFL wanted to play in New Zealand, Jacksonville would go to New Zealand."

We do this every few months, but...

  1. The Jaguars have removed all but just a handful of seats that were under tarps.
  2. The Jaguars had better attendance than Cincinnati, Detroit, Oakland, Minnesota, and St. Louis last year.
  3. When you factor in their London game which had an attendance of 84,021, the Jaguars had an even higher average attendance than Arizona and Tennessee and was nearly tied with Pittsburgh over the course of the 2015 season.
  4. ESPN sucks.